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The PSG Bahamas developments of Stella Maris Village and Port St George comprise many diverse elements. Our philosophy is that we should embrace opportunities to work with or alongside other people and organizations with expertise that is complementary to our own.

This is demonstrated by the agreement entered into with Langham International in respect of the Langham Place Hotel and Spa to be constructed at Port St George, the selection of Robert Trent Jones II as designers of the golf course, and of IMG (International Management Group) to ensure that the course is run to a world class standard. We have land with development permissions in spectacular locations. Consequently we may have just the place for your venture to thrive.
We are open to discussing opportunities whether large or small. If you have ideas that could be put into effect in the sunny climes of the Bahamas or which may benefit from the favorable tax regime here, then we'd be happy to discuss them with you.

If you don't wish to venture alone, then we may consider entering into a joint venture with you. Our team has a long and successful history of joint ventures and we'd be happy to consider your proposals.

If you represent an established business looking for the next project or a new direction, then we'd be equally happy to hear from you.

In essence, we are open to discussions in respect of many aspects of our developments, so please don't hesitate to get in touch with us.
Our developments are located at Stella Maris, in northern Long Island. Covering around three thousand acres, Stella Maris stretches from the rugged Atlantic coast in the east, to Exuma Sound, usually called "the Caribbean side", in the west.
Initially launched exclusively to our existing clients in late 2012, Stella Maris Village is now being promoted extensively. Therefore the time for you to take a look is now. Visit the Stella Maris Village website to learn more about this stunning location which is about to enter a new and exciting era.
Located on 882 acres to the south of Stella Maris, Port St. George will offer:
  • 5 star Langham Place Hotel & Spa
  • Robert Trent Jones II Golf Course
  • 640 slip marina
  • 1217 residential properties
  • Commercial and retail space